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Are you a survivor of sexual assault who's ready to bring laughter and lightheartedness back into your life?

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SOAR SPA in Self Magazine

SOAR SPA has been featured in SELF Magazine

Find out how to complete your journey from surviving to thriving.

  • Tired of being dragged down by those little flashes of worry and negativity that never seem to completely go away?

  • Wondering what's next after traditional healing therapies like counseling and support groups?

  • Wishing you had more people in your life to share your experience with who really "get it"?

  • Ready to turn your focus and energy towards creating your future rather than living in your past?

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You're not alone.

All sexual assault survivors have their own unique journey in healing. Whatever the path, some find it hard to leave the past in the past. Even those who have made great strides still quietly carry anger, self-blame, shame, or other negative emotions. Almost all have difficulty finding people they can comfortably confide in.

Together, all this "stuff" piles up and becomes like an invisible backpack that adds weight to an otherwise lighthearted life.

And while many sexual assault centers provide advocacy, support groups, and therapy, most aren't able to offer creative experiences that encourage the next crucial step in healing: unloading that invisible backpack once and for all.

If you're ready, SOAR SPA is for you.